• Innovative Forearm Crutches!

    Innovative Forearm Crutches!
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    smartCRUTCH for Comfort
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    smartCRUTCH Colour Choice
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    Adjustable smartCRUTCH

Smart Crutches are the most Comfortable Forearm Crutches

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With more than 20 years experience in the Medical manufacturing field and dressed with an inspired and dedicated professional team, our commitment to service excellence through a streamlined... Learn More

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smartCRUTCH™ is a revolutionary design in Walking Aids. With an arsenal of adjustments that conventional crutches do not have, pain and discomfort becomes a thing of the past.. Learn More

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Smart Crutches strive to provide brilliant ideas to the Walking Aids market. Our clients appreciate the relief from pain and the crutches ajustability promotes a more comfortable experience.. Learn More

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  • Oct 7

    Frequently asked Questions about our crutches

    Here we have put together a collection of Frequently asked Question.These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding on our range of smartcrutches. If for any reason we have not covered you're specific inquiry, please feel free to drop us note at the bottom of this page.
  • Apr 30

    Conventional Crutches vs smartCRUTCH

    Forearm crutches by design do have many advantages over underarm crutches. They eliminate injury to tendons, soft tissue and nerves found underarm. However, by design they places a direct pressure load on the hands and wrists. This in turn can cause damage to palms, joints, nerves and tendons with limited use.

The Specifications


I’ve been a smartCRUTCH user for about three years now, although the pair I have (which were shipped over from South Africa) are getting a bit battered now, which is why I decided to get a new pair. I find them very comfortable and easy to move about with. Incidentally during the Christmas break a German man at motorway services in the north of England asked me about them and even took photos, as he was interested in getting a set for his young disabled daughter. I passed
John Quinn and smartcrutch
Sorry I haven’t been back to you straight away but have been ill in bed but received the poles and very pleased with them as feel now they are just as I imagined the crutches to look. Tried the crutches out for the first day and took a bit of getting used to after using the NHS crutches for a couple of years. After about an hour I was well into them and couldn’t believe the difference to how all my joints felt. And found I could be
Allun Williams and smartcrutch
Thanks you so much for your excellent service with my purchase of the black Smartcrutch. WOW is all I can say, I have been able to walk round work much easier and with far less pain using these as well as at home and for shopping and best of all have been able to keep up with my very energetic 6 year old son without having to stop for pain breaks. These truly are making a huge difference to my life! With this making such a difference I
Rachel Walker-Howard and smartcrutch
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